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Loan Purchases

Promissory Note or Loan Purchase:

Payette Financial purchases performing, sub-performing and non-performing loans and promissory notes from individuals and financial institutions. We purchase individual promissory notes as well as loan portfolios. We will consider purchasing notes that range from $25,000 to well over $2,500,000. Through our affiliates, we have successfully purchased numerous multi-million dollar loan portfolios. Our broad expertise allows us to quickly underwrite and make offers on all types of business, commercial and residential loans. We buy loans nationwide.

Individual Sellers:

If you are an individual that has sold real estate or a business and agreed to finance all or a portion of the purchase price with “Seller Financing” by taking back a promissory note and would like a lump sum payment for that promissory note now, give us a call. We buy seller financed real estate notes and mortgages nationwide for top dollar. Each promissory note presented to us is priced individually based upon such factors as loan origination date, loan term, collateral/security for the loan, lien position, interest rate and pay history. To receive a quote for your promissory note, please call us at (208) 996-3861 or email us today.

Institutional Sellers:

Through our affiliates, we have successfully purchased multi-million dollar portfolios of performing, sub-performing and non-performing commercial loans from banks, credit unions, specialty finance companies, insurance companies and distressed debt investors nationwide. The loans that we purchase from institutional sellers tend to be non-performing and sub-performing, but we have successfully purchased portfolios of performing loans as well. If you are an institutional seller with loans to sell, please call us at (208) 996-3861 or email us today. We will act quickly to make you an offer on the loans that you have for sale